Easily create address labels using Mail Merge in Microsoft Word

First, Download the Mail Merge Template HERE

See instructions for using this template with Mail Merge in Microsoft Word below:


  • Open the document

  • Click ‘No’ when you receive the message below:

  • When the document opens Click on ‘Mailing’ on the top menu

  • Click on ‘Select Recipients’ > ‘Use an Existing List’ from the top menu

  • Browse to the location of the GA Postcard name and address spreadsheet on your computer

  • Make sure that ‘First row of data contains column headers’ is checked and Click ‘OK’

  • Select “Finish & Merge’ > ‘Edit Individual Documents’ from the top menu

  • Select ‘All’ on the Merge Records pop-up

  • Your mail merged label sheets with names and addresses will appear

  • Load your printer with the number of label sheets required and print

  • You can either save the new document when complete or close without saving.