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Georgia Postcard Project 2024 

Postcards are now available in Georgia!

This is a 100% volunteer project.

Please read ALL directions and FAQ. Please be kind and patient as everyone works together to make this happen. Let’s work hard and let's WIN!

How to pick up your pack of 100 postcards: 


1.  Complete the Google form HERE when you are ready to pick up your packet that same day. Cards are NOT held at the location so it’s best to wait until you are ready to leave as stock can change quickly.  Each bin host will do their best to let us know when stock is running low and we will contact you if we know you are on the way and there are no packets left. 


2.  After you fill out the form, you will receive an email with the street address of the location you chose. This is a volunteer’s home, so please do not share the address anywhere to protect their privacy. Keep that email or save the address. You will need it later so you can return your written and stamped postcards to this location so they can be addressed and sent! 


3.  If you haven’t received an email in 5 minutes, check your junk folder. If you still haven’t received it, you most likely entered your email address incorrectly on the form. It’s OK to submit another request if you think you made a typo. 

4. When you get to the "magic" postcard plastic bin, you will see the directions on the lid!  Make sure to snap a photo of that on your phone.  It will direct you to this page!  There should also be small business cards that look like the postcard for you to take and share with family, friends, delivery people, grocery clerks, wait staff, anyone who might need this vital voter information.  Grab a few!  


What to write on your postcards:


1.    Please handwrite your message with guidance from our messaging. Our style is positive and upbeat. We do not make negative statements. We ask postcard recipients to vote for Democrats in all elections. Be colorful and creative or go minimalist! Your personalization is key to make your cards stand out to the recipient in the sea of junk mail. Want to use decorative stickers or draw pictures to accentuate your handwritten message? Great! Use markers or highlighters to get your message across and maybe draw an arrow to the Voter Protection Hotline number already printed on the back of the card.  We are all about voter protection and education to get out the vote. We can win if we all vote! Keeping the message simple and actionable seems to work best. You can see examples here on this page or on the Facebook page or Instagram.  Be sure to post photos of yours too!  


2.  Most of our writers use Sharpie ultra-fine point permanent markers. Water based markers may smear if it rains.


3.  Do not allow text or content to flow into the right side where the address will go. 


4. STAMP your postcard with a postcard stamp.  You can buy postcards stamps at

Let's RETURN your Postcards:


1.  Rubber band your packet of 100 cards. If you can to put a post it with your name on your packet, that would be super! 


2.  Please return that packet back to the location where you picked them up!  That address should be in the email you got when you signed up:). 


3.  You did it!  You completed your job that will inform, educate and protect the voters that will receive them in that household!  Hopefully they will tell others too or take a photo of your beautiful message and share it with their friends and family!  THANK YOU!  We would love for you to continue writing by picking up another packet or telling your friends to help too!  SHARE the fun!  


IF you want to do it AGAIN, just fill out the FORM again!  Please do not go back and pick up more cards without submitting the form in step 1. The form allows us to manage stock, keep track of the numbers of cards out, and who has them.


What happens next

Your amazing bin host or our GPP team will add an address label in September and send your postcards in line with the Democratic Party of Georgia's campaign timing.

Do you have MORE Questions?  Check out the FAQ page here

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