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Help fuel our people-powered movement to keep Georgia Blue!


Our work continues! We will keep working hard to inform and educate voters across Georgia about the voting process. Voter Protection and Voter Education is critical as we move forward. 


The hard work of the Georgia Postcard Project volunteers helped over 1 million Georgia voters learn the details about the 2020 election and runoff and we have BIG plans for 2024.


We want to make sure we can reach more voters than ever before with vital election details and we need your help to make sure we get there! We win by treating every year like an election year — that means organizing now.


Please donate any amount but here are some suggested levels


Georgia Postcard Project - Democratic Party of Georgia


Levels of Support: 

Good Trouble Makers

Recurring: $10 - $25/month 

A $25 donation can help us print 100 postcards that will reach 100 Georgia voters


Blue Wave Democrat

Recurring: $26 - $84/month OR

A $50 donation can help us print about 500 postcards


Postcard Patron

Recurring: $85+/month OR 

$100 can help us print about 2000 postcards


*All levels will receive a monthly donor newsletter and special meal perks at committee meetings. The highest level, Postcard Patron, will also receive monthly strategy updates with key democrats from across the state.


To make a RECURRING DONATION, please be sure to click the "Yes, count me in!" button under "Make it monthly!"


Contribution(s) made to this page will count against your annual limit of $10,000 to the Democratic Party of Georgia.

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