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About Our Founder, Tricia Gephardt

Tricia Gephardt, the founder of the Georgia Postcard Project, of Sandy Springs, GA had an idea in September 2019 to write and mail postcards to Georgia Democrats asking them to vote on November 3rd, 2020.  She handed out her first postcard in October 2019 to some friends and hoped they would write 2,000 postcards to voters.


Well… those friends asked their friends, and it got bigger and bigger.


At the end of the November 3 general election, about 497,000 postcards have been sent to Georgia voters!  There are teams of writers in 14 states who want to help turn Georgia BLUE. People across the country have seen voter suppression and disinformation here. They know Georgia can do it and want to help!  

"I bought 2,000 thinking it would be great if we could write 2,000 over a whole year! Then it just kept going, and I kept buying. A friend of mine has a cousin in New York, and she asked for 10,000! Her teams up in the New York area were amazing and so inspiring, and they ended up writing about 25,000! Boxes and boxes started arriving at our house, and then it kind of kept going, and people started calling or emailing me. Now I have four teams in California, two teams in New York, one team in Connecticut, teams in New Jersey and DC, two teams in Athens/Clarke County, GA, one team in Fayette County, GA, and writers all over the country and many counties in GA. I had a call yesterday from New Mexico. People are writing in New Mexico! "


- Tricia's interview with Galvanize GA


Tricia Gephardt — our fearless leader & founder of the Georgia Postcard Project

Matt Gephardt — address management & distribution 

Tanya Hunter — spreadsheets & data management

Ian Webb — logo & brand

Cade Anderson — social media


Halley Morochnik — website layout


Jodi Cobb — logistical guru & button master

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