Hello & thank you for your interest in the Georgia Postcard Project!

Postcards for the Georgia Postcard Project have been stocked at ALL locations in Georgia and around the country for volunteers to pick up.
You MUST fill out the form to get the pick up address of the bin near you. Have a pen and paper handy to write down the address or snap a photo of the address so you will have it after you fill out the form.  


Out of State Postcard Pick Up Locations for the Georgia Postcard Project


We have many “friends of Georgia” and former residents now living in other states who have asked to participate with this project, and we are so grateful! We love all of you and hope you will be able to connect with a team near you to pick up a postcard packet. We also hope this project can serve to build stronger communities and connect activists in cities around the country.

We were not able to share with every location that asked to help us, and we are so sorry about that. We also were not able to send as many postcards to each of these locations as they could have handled. We kept the bulk of the postcards here in Georgia in the over 40 pick up locations here.

ALL postcards written from out of state should be MAILED from that location. An Out of State postmark is not a problem - please do NOT mail to a person here in Georgia. Save the money doing that and donate here https://secure.actblue.com/donate/fin_gpp

Texas (All Cards Distributed)

New York (All Cards Distributed)

Ohio (Cleveland)

Ohio (Warren) (All Cards Distributed)

Pennsylvania (All Cards Distributed)

North Carolina (Raleigh)  (All Cards Distributed)

North Carolina (Hickory) (All Cards Distributed)

Michigan (All Cards Distributed)

Minnesota (All Cards Distributed)

Florida (All Cards Distributed)

Colorado (All Cards Distributed)

Missouri (All Cards Distributed)

Massachusetts (All Cards Distributed)

Connecticut (All Cards Distributed)

California (Los Angeles) (All Cards Distributed)

California (San Diego)  (All Cards Distributed)

California (Bay Area)  (All Cards Distributed)

Washington DC (All Cards Distributed)

Oregon (All Cards Distributed)

Washington State (All Cards Distributed)

We do NOT send postcards on an individual basis. We do NOT send a list of addresses. For this Project – you MUST use the postcard we provide. This postcard has the MOST information for voter protection and information. We do NOT sell postcards - the only source is from our fabulous and kind bin hosts.

  • For the security of our bin hosts, please DO NOT share their address with anyone and DO NOT post it on social media.

    • There is a max of 2 packets per volunteer writer (up to 200 cards) – the FEC limit on spending requires this.  

  • A new form must be filled out for EACH postcard volunteer writer.  

  • We will follow up with all of the writers and can keep a better handle on how many cards are left at each location this way so your help is appreciated.  

  • We were given amazing yard signs for each bin host so you may see some for you to take and display in your yard or in a main area.  

    • PLEASE ONLY take ONE of those per writer if you see they are available.  The hope was to get them all over the state so we were happy to help them distribute since our bins are in about 40 locations around the state.  

  • We welcome all donations here:  https://secure.actblue.com/donate/fin_gpp

    • Help the Georgia Postcard Project Win the Senate Runoff Elections! We're building a grassroots-powered, people-centered movement. Every single donation makes a real difference.  Donations made through the site are in support of the Georgia Postcard Project volunteer effort for the U.S. Senate runoff elections. 

WE DO NOT SEND ADDRESSES.  If you have postcards, you will have to find another organization to supply addresses for your postcards.  The addresses are printed ON the postcards for our writers.  There is NO link to print your own postcards for this Project. 
PLEASE be kind –  We know everyone has been excited to begin and we are trying our best to have as many people participate as possible. Please remember that this initiative is entirely volunteer-run, so please be kind to our admins & moderators.

Another GREAT way to support the Georgia Postcard Project is to buy some fun merch that will benefit the Democratic Party of Georgia volunteers - https://gapostcard.myteespring.co.
THANK YOU for the OVERWHELMING support for this project to help educate and inform voters across the state of Georgia about HOW they can vote in the coming weeks and have the important information to MAKE A PLAN to vote! 
We have all worked hard to get to this point and we can do it when we work TOGETHER!! 

- Team GPP (Tricia, Matt, Tanya, Ian, Janet, Halley, Jodi, Jennifer, Lily, Rachel, Elizabeth, and Maggie)

Powered By Passionate People

The Georgia Postcard Project is a grassroots project run by passionate people that write and send postcards to Georgia voters asking them to get out and vote for Democrats.


Postcard writers throughout Georgia and from around the country are currently writing thousands of postcards a week.  


Georgia has 16 electoral votes for the Presidential election, 2 US Senate seats, important Congressional seats, and the opportunity to flip the state legislature.  

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Ready to see some change?
Information about postcard writing coming soon!
About GPP

The effort to write postcards for this election began in October 2019.  Not only are people all over the state of Georgia writing to fellow voters, but passionate Americans in 14 states are helping to flip Georgia blue!

For the November 2020 general election, our amazing writers wrote about 497,000 postcards to Georgia voters.

Get Started

Do you feel like you want to do more to make a change?  Georgia has become a key state in the 2020 election cycle.

Families are writing postcards together. Friends, and neighbors are making teams.

Instructions to get involved for the January 5 runoff will be released soon.


You can also shop our store where the proceeds benefit the Georgia Postcard Project.

Information about donations are coming soon.

Messages from Candidates & Leaders
Words from our Passionate People

I have wanted to do something to contribute and did not know what I could offer other than donating. I have done that but this project has really helped me feel like I am doing something!

I live in a small town and the Republicans appear to be highly organized here. Trump signs are everywhere. It is a bit lonely being blue. 

— Rhonda